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Team Moto

Origin Paranormal Society was formed to reach out to those who are searching for answers to their unexplained paranormal activities in their lives.

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Mankato, MN- Private Residence

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Our Time Line

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

November 2011, Origin Paranormal Society began it's journey.

Slow Start

August 2012, OPS gathers equipment, works on training requirements and developing our process flow and client management format.

OPS joins Paranormal Field

April 2013, Origin Paranormal Society starts small with training investigations.

Website is born

December 2013, Origin Paranormal Society website is born.

OPS Facebook page is born

March 2014, Origin Paranormal Society Facebook page is born

Cemetery investigation

October 24th 2014- Daytime Investigation conducted at Hillside Cemetery and Ottawa Cemetery as well as Ottawa Park.


November 16th 2014- Investigation conducted at Private Residence in St. Peter.


November 17th 2014- Investigation of Private Residence in Sharon Township.

Equipment Donation

November 17th 2014- Received equipment donation from Le Sueur County Paranormal Society of experimental equipment for the team that we are very thankful for and have put to good use.

Audio Reviewing

November 22nd 2014- Reviewing audio from St. Peter Investigation


December 5th 2014- client interview with Tim and Laura

First  Team Meeting

January 10th 2015- Team meeting talking about past investigations and looking forward to our upcoming year.

Equipment Donation

February 7th 2015- Received an equipment donation from an associate in the field.

February 12th 2015- updated our website and Facebook page

February 28th 2015-Received our new OPS Shirts

An Idea is Born

March 7th 2015- Team meeting with guest speaker Paul of the Tomb Investigators.

March 14th 2015- Attended the Natural Healing and Psychic Expo

First Equinox Fair

March 21st 2015- Attended the Equinox Fair.

First Celebrity Meet and Greet

March 21st 2015- Attended the Chip Coffey meet and greet


April 11th 2015- Thermal Imaging Training with team members.

Angel Cards

May 1st 2015- Team Member began working on Angel Card Reading.

Tarot Card

May 15th 2015- Team Member began working on Tarot Card Reading.

Chakra Healing

June 3rd 2015- Team Member began working on Chakra Healing.

Truth Card

July 12th 2015- Team Member began working on Truth Card Reading.


July 15th 2015- Team Member began working on Reiki Healing Training.

Spiritual House Cleansing

July 28th 2015- Team Members began working on Spiritual House Cleansing.

Feng Shui Box

September 10th 2015- Team Members began working with the Feng Shui Box.

Buddha Board Box

October 3rd 2015- Team Member began working with the Buddha Board Box.

Dream Power Cards

January 13th 2016- Team Member began working on Dream Power Cards.

Gaia Star Codex

February 29th 2016- Team Member began working with the Gaia Star Codex.

Archangel Oracle Cards

March 3rd 2016- Team Member began working on Archangel Oracle Cards.

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

March 4th 2016- Team member began working on Angel Therapy Oracle Cards.

Psychic Fair

March 5th 2016- Attended The March Crystals, Stones, and Psychic Fair.

Psychic Expo

March 12th 2016- Attended Natural Healing and Psychic Expo.

Equinox Fair

March 19th 2016- Attended Equinox Fair & Envision Conference.

Intake Interview

Client intake interview with Tim and Kevin.

Origin Paranormal Society

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